On June 29, 2020, the school board voted to rename the school to "Unity Reed High School", honoring Arthur Reed, who served as a security assistant at the school.

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S.A.L.C. (Student Activities Leadership Council)

Sponsor: Ms. Schlatter schlatsh@pwcs.edu

How does one become a part of the SALC?

In the spring of each year there is an application process, in addition to school wide SALC officer and class officer elections. The students select a position they are interested in and panel to become a part of the SALC Leadership class for the upcoming school year. Stonewall Jackson teachers, students, and school administrators conduct the interviews. All students are welcome to attend and participate in SALC activities by attending SALC meetings held after school every other Tuesday in the SALC room on the first floor.

What positions are available within the SALC?

Elected Officers are SALC President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. Some examples of the SALC appointed positions are Faculty Relations Officer, Community Relations Officer, Boys and Girls Athletic Commissioners, Elections Officers, and Public Relations Officers. There are a total of eighteen appointed positions, although more than one student may serve as Co-Officer for a given year.

What types of Activities does the SALC promote and organize?

The SALC hosts school Dances, including all of the activities involving Homecoming. The SALC is also highly involved in the One of Us program to welcome freshmen and new students to Stonewall at the beginning of each year. Service projects such as the SALC Food Drive and various community projects, such as decorating the Senior Center for the Holidays are also part of the SALC Leadership course activities. The SALC recognizes teacher, students, and athletes through our SALC PRIDE student and teacher recognition program. The SALC also represents student's interests on the Local School Planning Council, and attends PTSO and other meetings representing the student body as a whole. Many of these activities are continuous throughout the school year.

What else should I know about the SALC?

The SALC presently consists of 32 students in the SALC Leadership class and a total of approximately 70 students in the SALC organization. Ms. Schlatter, who teaches the SALC Leadership class, sponsors the SALC. In addition, a faculty sponsor, who works in conjunction to promote and organize both individual class and school wide activities, sponsors each class.

What we do:

  • Staff and organize school events
  • Represent the student body
  • Govern our school
  • Organize athletics and social functions (i.e. dances)

What is SALC:

  • Student Activities Leadership Council
  • We meet every other Tuesday starting on Sept. 10
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome
  • Anyone that attends the meetings will be able to assist in making decisions that affect the student body

Upcoming events:


  • We need your HELP!!! The ESOL department needs students to come and tutor ESOL students, check the posters around the school for dates on tutorial sessions. If you are an IB student this is great for CAS hours.

Jock Rock Cookout!

  • Hey athletes, with all that working out you do in practice and in the games it's good once in awhile to just party!!!! Talk to your coaches about this cookout in order to get involved. The dates are still pending so don't worry, and keep on working hard!!

Community Relations

  • The community relations officers have been busy going to county meetings to get information on upcoming


  • Right now the Assemblies Commissioner is working on the Pep Rally making it sure it is perfect for YOU! They are planning and organizing new and exciting things so that it is a pep rally to remember. ALL STUDENTS remember to participate during Spirit Week, the themes are posted on posters around the school. AND most importantly CLASS COLORS DAY, Seniors don't forget your TOGAS!!! It's our day to shine!!!!
    If you have any ideas for future pep rallies don't hesitate to submit your ideas to the SALC room, across from the first floor cafeteria. Then at the next pep rally, you can see your idea come to life!

Campus Beautification

  • The SALC Campus Beautification Officers are trying to make our school more attractive for YOU! They are planning on re-mulching the nature trail as well as cleaning it up. They are creating a memorial area and they plan on starting a program called 'Adopt-a-Hallway'. If you want to be involved in making your school look better, don't hesitate to contact Brooke Obie in the SALC room, across from the first floor cafeteria.
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