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What Are Virginia's Standards Learning?

Standards of Learning set expectations for teaching and learning. They are statements of knowledge and skills that every child is expected to learn and use in solving day-to-day problems and to be a productive citizen. These standards were developed with the assistance of thousands of parents, teachers, business leaders, college professors, and other educators united by their concern for quality education.

While there are standards in many areas, the core standards clarify what students are expected to know and accomplish in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • History and Social Science (including geography, economics, and civics)
  • Computer Technology

Through the standards, knowledge and skills acquired during the course of a school year build a foundation for subsequent learning. However, the standards are not - and are not intended to be - the entire curriculum for a grade level or course. The standards are organized by grade levels to help teachers choose content and skills appropriate for their students. Teachers are encouraged to go beyond the standards in their instructional program and decide which teaching methods to use with their students.

How Is Student Learning Measured?

  • Standards of Learning tests are given in grades 3, 5, and 8, and for certain courses in high school.
  • Some students may take tests at other grade levels based on the school's curriculum.
  • Students who take courses for high school credit in middle school also take the related Standards of Learning tests.
  • Tests are given in English, Math, Science, History, and Computer Technology.
  • The tests measure content knowledge, scientific and mathematical processes, and reasoning.
  • The tests in English are for reading and writing. For the writing test students must write a composition. All other tests are multiple choice.
  • Tests are untimed, which means that students have as much time as they need to answer the questions.
  • Tools needed to complete a test, such as rulers and calculators, are provided.

How Will I Know How My Child Did on the Standards of Learning Tests?

Test results are sent to parents in a document called Report to Parents: Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments. The report includes:

  • A listing of the tests taken, such as English, Math, Science, History, and Computer Technology.
  • The number of questions the student answered correctly for each test, as well as the total number of test questions.

· A summary of the student's performance for each test on a scale from 0-600. A student must receive a score of 400 or higher to pass the test. If a student scores 500 or more, he or she is considered to have performed at an advanced level, while a student scoring between 0-399 is considered to have failed the test.

· Each subject is divided into separate reporting categories. Each reporting category shows the number of questions the student answered correctly for each reporting category, and the total number of test questions in each reporting category.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Read aloud to your child, beginning at an early age.
  • Require regular attendance in school.
  • Encourage good study habits.
  • Be familiar with the curriculum associated with your child's classes and grades.
  • Talk to your child about what he or she is learning in specific subjects.
  • Expect homework of some kind to be done every night.
  • Set aside a specific time for homework.
  • Ask questions about your child's homework.
  • See that your child brings home and reviews class notes and other work done in school that day.
  • Help your child balance study time with recreational time.
  • Think of activities your child can do at home that relate to information being taught in school.
  • Help your child apply his or her school learning to real-life situations in the news or life.
  • Emphasize the importance of high academic achievement. Let your child know that you understand that tests may be challenging, but that taking them provides the opportunity to show how much he or she has learned.
  • Be supportive and encouraging.

What Does My Child Need for a High School Diploma?

To earn a high school diploma in Virginia, students must earn the required minimum number of units of credit in effect when that student first entered the 9th grade. There are two types of units of credit that a student may earn:

  • A standard unit of credit is earned by completing 140-hours of instruction and passing the course.
  • A verified unit of credit is earned by passing a course and its related Standards of Learning test or approved substitute test.

Students may repeat the end-of-course tests as many times as necessary to earn the verified credit required for graduation.

A student may be eligible for an expedited retest on an end-of-course test if he or she meets the following conditions:

  • Needs the test for verified credit, and
  • Passed the course associated with the test, and
  • Either failed the test with a scaled score between 375-399; or failed the test by a wider margin and had extenuating circumstances; or for legitimate reasons - such as a death in the family - was not present for the regularly scheduled test.

Students with disabilities who do not meet the requirements for a Standard, Advanced Studies, or Modified Standard Diploma will be awarded a Special Diploma when they have met the requirements of their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

For specific course requirements for each type of diploma, consult your child's guidance counselor.

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