On June 29, 2020, the school board voted to rename the school to "Unity Reed High School", honoring Arthur Reed, who served as a security assistant at the school.

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The Stonewall Jackson Band Department is made up of many different organizations, but each of these has the same basic goal: Excellence in musical performance For questions regarding all band activities, please contact the director of bands, Mr. Gary Zolman, zolmangr@pwcs.edu Greg Kolar kolargj@pwcs.edu


The Spirit of Stonewall is a precision marching and musical unit that consists of winds, percussion and flags. The group presents pre-game and half-time entertainment at all home and selected away football games. It will also play at selected community events and marching festivals as the schedule allows. Because of its wide visibility, this band works hard to put on a show that exhibits all the attributes of a refined and disciplined performing organization. This group is extracurricular and members must be enrolled in band class.


This group is an auxiliary unit that performs with the "Spirit of Stonewall" at all home games, parades, and marching contests. Members are selected by audition in the spring of each year and they are an extracurricular activity which rehearses from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. during the marching season. The group has built a great reputation because of their high performance level and as a result they have received many awards over the past few year.


The Varsity Band concentrates it efforts on a progressive musical education for its members. Students learn basic fundamentals which will make them more proficient on their instrument and teach them how to problem-solve in their practice sessions. The band will participate in scheduled concerts and festival(s) throughout the year.


The Concert Band continues and reinforces those basic playing fundamentals learned in the Varsity Band. This should be the feeder to the Symphonic Band and students work hard with the hopes that they will be selected to move up. This band also participates in scheduled concerts and festival(s).


The Symphonic Band is the premier ensemble in the Stonewall Jackson Band Department. Many of its students are serious about music and take private lessons on their instrument to supplement their musical study. Only the best students in the music program are chosen and as a result, there are very high expectations in terms of discipline, work ethics and performance. The band presents many concerts throughout the year and competes in various concert band festivals. Distinguished guest conductors, clinicians and soloists are often brought in to work with the band.


The Jazz Ensemble is an elite organization made up of the top musicians in the music department. It specializes in Jazz (Blues, Swing, etc.), Pop, Latin and Rock music and teaches independence of playing and creativity through improvisation. This group plays many concerts throughout the community and will compete in various jazz festivals as well. This group is extracurricular and members must be enrolled in a band class.

Sponsors: (varsity) Mary Hill mhill6@gmu.edu Maureen Hill mhill7@gmu.edu co (JV); Lisa Stafford staffolm@pwcs.edu (freshman) Amy romberger romberam@pwcs.edu

Cheerleaders are the spirit leaders of the Stonewall Jackson student body. They support all activities of the school. Tryouts are held in the spring for freshman, junior varsity, and varsity squads. Members must have their parents written permission, be declared physically able by a certified medical doctor and meet the eligibility requirements prescribed by the Virginia High School Leagues. Attendance at all practices and assigned athletic events are mandatory.

Sponsor: Mike Stafford staffoma@pwcs.edu

Sponsor: TBA

Debate provides the student with greater knowledge into the fields of academic competition, research, contemporary issues and logical reasoning. The student learns effective argumentation skills as they pertain to issues of national concern. It provides the student an opportunity to interview prominent politicians, businessmen and professionals in order to obtain research information. A student participates in local, regional and state tournaments.

DRAMA CLUB (Thespians)
Sponsor: Christine Dunn dunncx@pwcs.edu

The purpose of the Drama Club is to give all students at Stonewall Jackson the opportunity to participate in different aspects of play production. Students will be involved in acting, directing, advertising, producing and set construction as well as other related activities.

Productions include full-length plays, one-act plays for festival, musicals and childrens plays.

Any Stonewall Jackson student may be a member of the Drama Club. The club offers membership in the International Thespian Society, and organization for students interested in all aspects of drama. Sponsor:

Sponsor: Mr. Staeger, staegetm@pwcs.edu

The Environmental Club discusses and investigates themes that are directly and indirectly related to how human beings affect their environment both beneficially and adversely. Students investigate short and long term solutions to environmental problems facing society today and how these solutions will impact current lifestyles.

Sponsor: Ms. Hayden haydenba@pwcs.edu

The objectives of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) are to enable members to gain confidence in themselves and their work in order to improve the business world around them, to better prepare themselves as leaders and to improve their business skills to the point where they will be able to successfully handle an entry-level position after high school graduation.

FBLA activities are based on a five-point plan encompassing business knowledge and skills, financial activities, leadership and promotional functions, school and community service and social awareness.

All Stonewall Jackson business students may participate in any of the local activities. In order to participate on regions, state or national level, students must pay state and National dues. Only those students currently enrolled in a business class are eligible for membership.

FCCLA (Family,Career & Community Leaders of America)
Sponsor: Ms Orndoff-Sayers orndorew@pwcs.edu

FCCLA is a national organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer sciences education Members have the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal communication necessary in the home and workplace.

Sponsor: Kim Wright wrightka@pwcs.edu Gayla Meyer meyergc@pwcs.edu

The purpose of the Forensics Club is to upgrade student speaking skills and to encourage participation in speaking activities. Activities include original oratory, prose and poetry reading, spelling and dramatic interpretation. Competition is held at the inter-school level as well as the district and state level. Membership is open to all students in grade 9 through 12.

Meetings of the Forensic Club will be after school. All competitive events are held on weekends.

Sponsor: Janet Livingston livingje@pwcs.edu

The purpose of the French Club is to give students a greater understanding and enjoyment of French culture, customs and language. A prospective member must be either currently taking French or have taken French the previous year. Members are required to participate in activities and come to each meeting. If a member misses two meetings in a row, he or she will lose membership.

Sponsor: Janet Livingston livingje@pwcs.edu

The French Honor Society is a national organizaiton that seeks to recognize students who excel in French. The FHS inductes new members each year in the early spring. Members must be in atleast the 10th grade in French III and maintain an "A" average in French and an overall GPA of 3.0. The FHS strives to equate fun with community service in planning activities for the year. Please contact Mrs. Carter for information on this organization.

Sponsor: Mr. Michael Stafford staffoma@pwcs.edu
, Ms Patty Petry petrypa@pwcs.edu

The Freshman Class is the beginning of the planning phase and fund raising for events taking place in later years, such as the Junior-Senior Prom and graduation. The Freshman Class participates in many activities such as dances bake sales, Spirit Week and Homecoming. Membership is open to all ninth graders. The class officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Officers must be members in good standing of the Freshman Class. The President of the class is a member of the school planning council.

Sponsor : Ms Jennifer Himmel, himmeljgpwcs.edu

The International Club involves SJHS students from all over the world as well as the U.S. The main goal of the club is to share the diverse cultural experiences of our students with the whole school community. Activities include celebrating a wide variety of holidays, doing community service through SERVE, and planning various field trips

IT'S ACADEMIC (Scholastic Bowl)
Sponsor: Patty Montoy montoypb@pwcs.edu

The Its Academic Team is an academic contest involving various knowledge,trivial and academic in nature. They will begin competition on October 4th, and compete every Thursday for seven weeks at all Prince William County Schools. In addition to District competition, they will compete on the Its Academic NBC Show in early December. Practice are held on the first floor every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:15 3:15 in the SALC room, all interested students are invited to participate.

Sponsor: Ms. Brown (Coffman) coffmahl@pwcs.edu

The Junior Class promotes school spirit and sponsors various fund raising activities such as bake sales and dances. This class is responsible for the Prom and the class float. Membership is open to all juniors. The class officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Officers must be members in good standing of the Junior Class. The President of the class is a member of the school planning council.

Sponsor: Mrs. Hill hillew@pwcs.edu

The Key club is the worlds largest service organization and is sponsored by Kiwanis International. As stated by Key Club bylaws, its motto is "CaringOur Way of Life. The Key Clubs objective is to build leadership and initiative in young citizens by improving the total environment of school and community through co-operative effort. Any sophomore, junior or senior is eligible for membership

Sponsor: Mr. Ondrof ondrofmg@pwcs.edu

The purpose of Homegrown Magazine is to provide an outlet for student creativity. The magazine attempts to provide a place for the publication of student writings, artwork, etc., which result from classroom and extracurricular activities. The organization is open to all interested students regardless of grade level. It seeks to provide training of students in the selection of materials, the layout of a literary magazine, etc.

The magazine meets to discuss materials submitted to plan the annual magazine, and to supervise fund raising activities need for publication costs of the issue.

Sponsor: TBA

Students plan, publicize, and lead after school gatherings that bring students together in a mutually supportive atmosphere for conversation and discussion. Activities might include diverse musical interests, varieties of self-expression, current issues of humanitarian and environmental concerns, etc. Topics and activities are student chosen and coordinated, usually on a monthly basis in the library. The group also creates cultural displays in the office showcase and on bulletin boards around the school.

Sponsor: Ms Petry petrypa@pwcs.edu,
Mr Brian McCarthy mccarthbrin@pwcs.edu

The Model United Nations Club at Stonewall Jackson High School offers students the opportunity to simulate the real activities of the real United Nations. Prince William County holds a Model United Nations Conference in December annually that Stonewall Jackson partcipates in. The club provides students a chance to engage themselves in actual debates and tackle real problems confronting the world. In an increasingly global environment this is an excellent opportunity for students to apply their knowledge gained in social studies, and learn more about world affairs. Any Stonewall student in good academic standing is invited to join..

Sponsor: Ms. Lenhart ludacetm@pwcs.edu

The Stonewall Chapter of the National Honor Society is an association of juniors and seniors who are selected by a faculty council with the advice of the faculty and staff of Stonewall Jackson High School in accordance with the National Honor Society Constitution. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 to be considered for membership, and they must exhibit exceptionally high character, active leadership, and service to the school and to the community. The Society will select new members one time each school year. Once selected, membership is permanent if the student abides by the societys rules.

It is hoped that students will strive for the excellence that this group epitomizes in order to become members.

Sponsor: Mr. Matt Ondrof ondrofmg@pwcs.edu

Newspaper is responsible for the student publication The Jackson Journal, which is produced monthly. The paper covers Stonewall Jackson news, activities, and sports, as well as items of local and national interest.

Sponsor: Mrs. Martin martinam@pwcs.edu

The Orchestra meets as a string section during the day and after school with woodwinds, brass and percussion. Concerts feature a variety of music and usually occur in October, December, March and May. Rehearsals start about six weeks before a performance once a week after school.

Qualified wind and string players are encouraged to audition for all-county, regional, and all-state orchestras.

Sponsor: Mrs. Martin martinam@pwcs.edu

The Chamber Orchestra is a select orchestra, which performs for community and special functions along with regular concerts and festivals.

Membership is made up of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade string students selected by audition held in the spring of each year.

Sponsor: Mrs. Martin martinam@pwcs.edu

The Concert Orchestra is made up of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade string students. The orchestra performs 4 or 5 concerts a year and travels to District Orchestra Festival every year.

Club Sponsor: TBA

The photography club serves as a forum for learning about, teaching each other about, and celebrating photography and its related aspects as an art, a journalistic necessity, and a hobby. The club also functions as a social meeting ground where people can spend time with others with similar interests. Members of the photography club can learn to use a manual camera and get training in darkroom procedures as the year develops. This year we have an additional goal: to take, develop, and display dozens of casual student photos throughout the school. Anyone who has proficiency with a camera (specifically a manual camera) can help with this project.

Sponsor: Amy Kramer kramerar@pwcs.edu

Please contact Mr. DeGroods office for information about this organization.

Sponsor: Ms Susan Allen allensr@pwcs.edu

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is a service organization with approximately 22 members. The club meets on Thursday afternoons twice a month. The main focus of the club is to encourage a "no use" policy with regard to drug and alcohol use and to promote nonviolence throughout the school. SADD maintains a monthly education bulletin board which provides information about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse as well as other health related issues. Please contact Mrs. Beauregard for information on the SADD club.

Sponsor: Mr. Milhiser milhisdl@pwcs.edu

The Science Fair Club coordinates the entries of Stonewall Jackson students in the Regional Science Fair and provides Lab equipment and assistance in student research.

Sponsor: Ms. Kim Wallace wallackj@pwcs.edu

The Senior class raises funds to sponsor class activities such as the Homecoming Float, spirit week decoration, class dances, graduation activities, and a class gift. The class officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Officers must be members in good standing of the Senior Class. The President of the class is a member of the school planning council.

S.A.L.C. (Student Activities Leadership Council)
Sponsor: Ms. Chrissy Coleman colemacl@pwcs.edu, Ms Kim Wallace wallackj@pwcs.edu

The Student Activities Leadership Council (S.A.L.C.) is a co-curricular activity that integrates student activities and leadership. All elected officers, appointed officers, and interested students are invited to participate. The S.A.L.C. offers students an avenue for promoting school wide activities and programs, as well as being the voice of the student body. The co-sponsors are Mr. Nichols and Ms. Schlatter. The current officers are President, Kevin Frye, Vice-President, Danielle Herrera, Secretary, Jilene Jackson, Treasurer, Charissa Perry, and Historian, Katherine Evans. Meetings are held on Monday afternoons in the S.A.L.C. classroom on the 1st floor and are open to all SJHS students.

ASL (American Sign Language Club)
Sponsor: Tamar Alvine alvinete@pwcs.edu

The ASL Club meets to learn the American Sign Language . The club was established per the students request and interest in a language all its own! The ASL Club meets every Wednesday from 2:15 to 4:00 at RE 05 classroom. Everyone interested in learning how to sign is invited whether you join us every Wednesday or when available. For more information, feel free to see Ms. Drangle in RE 3A or Ms. Peterson in MA 13.

Sponsor: Mrs McGough mcgougrx@pwcs.edu

The Sophomore Class participates in many fund raising activities such as dances, candy and bake sales. These Funds help the class host the Junior/Senior Prom, enter floats in the Homecoming parade, and support school activities. Membership is open to all tenth graders. The class officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Officers must be members in good standing of the Sophomore Class. The President of the class is a member of the school planning council.

Sponsor: Ms Agels Natal natalx@pwcs.edu

Spanish Honor Society: The society is made up of students with 3.5 GPA an "A" average in Spanish, juniors and seniors in high school. All members must be inducted into the society in the spring. This year induction ceremony will be held on April 6, 2000. The Spanish honor society sponsors tutorial on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for all students in lower levels, 1,2,and 3. The members also meet once a month to discuss field trips, fund raisers, and upcoming events such as; foreign language week, Spanish heritage month, or 5 de Mayo, etc. Please contact Mrs. Proudie for information on the Spanish Honor Society

Sponsor: Ms. Yasmine Griffin, griffiym@pwcs.edu

The step team is open to all students and performs at a variety of school and community gatherings.

Sponsor: Ms. McCarthy mccartea@pwcs.edu

Yearbook is the conceptualization, design, and manufacturing of the Stonewall Jackson yearbook.



Band Mr. Zolman zolmangr@pwcs.edu

Debate Club

- -


Ms Christine Dunn


Science Club (Ecology)

Mr. Steager

Science Fair Mr. Milhiser milhisdl@pwcs.edu

F.C.C.L.† (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America)

Ms. Orndoff -Sayers

Film Club Ms Roy royal@pwcs.edu


Ms. Kim Wright
Ms. Gayla Meyer

wrightka@pwcs.edu meyergc@pwcs.edu

French Honor Society

Janet Livingston


Freshman Class

Mike Stafford, Patty Petry


Future Business Leaders

Ms. Hayden


International Club

Jennifer Himmel


† Itís Academic (Scholastic Bowl)

Mr. Richard Nichols


Junior Class

Mrs Brown (Coffman)


Key Club

Mrs. Hill

Law Enforcement Club Officer Douglas -

Literary Arts Society

Mr. Matt Ondrof


Model United Nations

Ms. Petry/
Mr B. McCarthy

petrypa@pwcs.edu mccartbm@pwcs.edu
Multicultural/Diversity Club Mike Stafford staffoma@pwcs.edu

National Honor Society

Ms. T. Lenhart

Newspaper Matt Ondrof ondrofmg@pwcs.edu
Photography Club Ms. Gerlock gerlocpa@pwcs.edu


Ms. Amy Kramer

SADD Ms. Susan Allen allensr@pwcs.edu

Senior Class

Ms Wallace

Signing Club

Ms. Shenal


Sophomore Class

Mrs. McGough


Spanish Honor Society

Agels Natal


Step Team

Ms. Yasmine Griffin


SALC (Student Activities Leadership Council)

Kim Wallace
Chrissy Coleman

wallackj@pwcs.edu colemacl@pwcs.edu
Yearbook Ms. Elizabeth Mc Carthy mccartea@pwcs.edu
Math & Science Club Ms Mackert mackerkn@pwcs.edu
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