On June 29, 2020, the school board voted to rename the school to "Unity Reed High School", honoring Arthur Reed, who served as a security assistant at the school.

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The International Baccalaureate
(IB) program is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum, leading to examinations for high school juniors and seniors. When combined with a Pre-IB program for the ninth and tenth grades, the IB is a coordinated four year program of college preparatory study. This program is available at Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas if you reside in the Stonewall, Brentsville or Osbourn Park attendance areas. There are currently about 1000 IB schools in the world and 400 in the United States. While there were only two IB schools in Virginia at the start of the 1990s, today there are more than 30 high schools authorized by the program
The Pre-IB program is available for English 9 and 10, World Studies, Government, Biology, Chemistry, certain math classes and French and Spanish.

The IB course of study for juniors and seniors consists of six subject areas divided into two levels of study: higher level courses that require the equivalent of two years of rigorous and intensive study, and standard level, the equivalent of one year of study. All of these courses exceed the requirements of the regular high school program and emphasize cross-curricular involvement, internationalism and personal responsibility.At the conclusion, students take external exams which are scored by examiners from around the world. Evaluated on a scale of 1 to 7, students with scores of 4 and above often receive credit and/or advanced placement in the college of their choice. For the May 2001 IB examination session, Stonewall ranked 20th in the world and 12th in the United States for IB schools taking the greatest number of IB exams..

Our IB alumni tell us that they are better prepared for college than their non-IB peers. The writing, reading and critical thinking skills required by the program help our graduates to continue successfully their education at quality colleges and universities throughout the country. According to a leading educational research consultant, the best predictor of a students successful completion of a college degree program is the rigor of the curriculum in the high school attended by the student.

Currently more than 212 transfer students participate in the IB program. Transportation is provided to transfer students. Applications of Intent and Transfer Requests for the 2002-2003 school year are due to the office of the IB Coordinator by February 15, 2002. The application of Intent to the International Baccaleaureate Programme at Stonewall Jackson High School may be downloaded (in PDF format) HERE.

If you would like more information about the IB Program at Stonewall Jackson High School, please feel free to contact me at

(703) 365-2900  or  giorgica@pwcs.edu

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